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Forsage 2.0 -

Over the Months of Corornavirus Pandemic , there have been Several Ways that were opportune to Us to make lots of money online ,all from the Comfort of our homes.. is One of the most August 2020 trending Smart Contract built on Troncoin Cryptocurrency. Keep reading yo find out more.

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Do you why you register on Forsage and get Stuck..?

Reasons you didn't join an Active Team

You didn't Unlock more levels ahead

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Forsage is a smart contract platform built on a TRON Blockchain.

Meaning the currency we get paid with on forsage is *TRON

TRON :is a crypto currency (an online money for transaction)....πŸ“Œ

Forsage is decentralized meaning no body or admin is in charge of your money.. Funds are shared withing members of the platform automatically (so there is, no click withdraw button)... When it's your turn spillover will be sent to your wallet automatically depending on the level you are.

*Forsage 2.0 X3 Section* 

 _*In the Forsage X3 Program, there are 15 levels, and each level is twice as expensive as the previous one. So, the income you get on a new slot will be twice of what you got in the previous slot. When you invite partners to register under you, they take places in the slots. Each level has 3 slots under it, and your direct referrals are meant to fill up the places in those slots.*_ 

 _When you register your first partner, 100% of the earnings go straight to your crypto wallet._

When you refer your second partner, the partner takes a place in the slot under you. Also, your crypto wallet is credited.

When you get your third partner or referral, the system automatically opens the slots for you in the form of reinvestment. Reopening the slot allows you to take a place in your upline’s slot. You receive 100% of the income but you get this in the form of reinvestment occurs. Also, 100% of the reinvestment goes to your upline.

*Forsage 2.0 X4 Section* 

Just like the X3 Section with 15 levels.. But each level with 6 slots ..

 __The profit from the first two slots go to your superior. __ 

 *_In other words, 100% of the payment of the first two slots in the Forsage TRX X4 goes to the wallet of your upline.* 

 _You will receive the income of the third, fourth and fifth slot in the X4, the earnings go directly to your wallet._

The last slot, which is the sixth slot is for reinvestment. When you get your 6th slot is filled, the system opens the slot again and the earnings from that slot is credited to your upline.

How do i accumulate Troncoin with Forsage 2.0.?

There are basically few ways to earn money (Troncoin) on;


2.. Spillovers


❣️. *Referrals:* This is when you invite people to join supersage with your referral link and you get paid instantly for the level they register and buy accordingly 

❣️. *Spillovers:* Spillovers are bonuses distributed to members of the team when there are lots of new recruit or new prospects joining the team, in order words a team which is not referring or bringing in new people cannot generate spillovers.

❣️. *Overflows:* Overflow are bonuses you get when someone has earned a cycle on a level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, when this happens the person who refuses to upgrade misses his profit and it goes to the uplines above as overflow.

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How to never loose money on Smart Contracts .

Though one thing is sure, you either loose or Earn online.

In Smart Contracts , you have to be Smart;

1. Join an Active Team

2. Unlock more levels on Section 4.

3. Hunt for Downlines to Keep your spirit Warmth.

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Where can i Purchase Troncoin Online.?

You can purchase from:

How To Register on Forsage 2.0 (Tron Contract)

Step 1 : Getting wallet Ready.

If you are using Smart Phone download Either Token Pocket.

If you are using PC download Tronlink extension

Token Pocket (Andriod)



Tronlink (PC) 


(Chrome Extension) - 

We Recommend:

Token Pocket for Phones

Tronlink for PC

✝Step 2: Fund your wallet with 210 TRX. (or more were  recommend 2000 trx) 

(Leaders or investors fund their wallet accordingly as suggested)

Where can i Purchase Troncoin Online.?

You can purchase from:

Step 3:  Open Wallet Locate dapps and Paste the Sponsor Link  given to you . Enter the Sponsor Link into dapps browser and Proceed.

Sponsor link  πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Affiliate ID πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
ID : 5429 

Step 4: Check the Sponsor  ID and Click To Register.

Step 5: Approve or Confirm your payment to register on the website.

Step 6: Wait for a second to receive all confirmations from the website. Till you see “Smart Contract Call” , you will be redirect to your dashboard.

Step 7: You have registered successfully. Take note of your ID for login purposes and also copy your referral or affiliate link to share to your teams.

How To Register Forsage On Phone With Token Pocket

How To Register Forsage On PC Using Tronlink Extension

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