Facebook pay, social media leader Facebook launches a transaction host

Facebook pay

For a very longtime, a large team of developers in London have been on this project on How to send and receive money using Facebook. 

Earlier this year's, during this project adjustment it was noted that Mark Zuckerberg said "it should be as easy to send money to someone as it to send photos"We believe Mark, because he is capable of doing such. 

It is observed that this curriculum was derived from Wechat Pay, a popular media  method for cashless transactions in China. 

Remember that Facebook Pay would be different from the Libra Cryptocurrency which has run into significant challenges from financial regulators. 

Conclusion on Facebook Pay

With the knowledge that Facebook Pay which is under the social Umbrella <messenger, instagram, whatsapp, Telegram> it would develop into large pillar that will make sending and receiving of money at any currency easier. 

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