How To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel.

How To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel.

For Some While Now there is a service offered by Airtel called Airtel Call Connect.It has been around for couple of months now, but I know few of us have no experience about it.

Hello! pals welcome to the best Tech Site in Nigeria and on today's note am going to teach you on How to make someone you are calling Pay for your call session on Airtel.

Not Everytime we have airtime on our phones and sometimes we would have to trick our friends that doesn't call us. You will only have to do some little task using Airtel Call Connect to make that Friend actually pay for our call Session. keep reading to find out how it works.

How To Activate Airtel Call Connect.

Getting right into it, you will be really Surprised to know that it's extremely easy to use the service.

✔️. Insert Ash(#) in front of the Number.
✔️. Dial the Number.

Example: Friends Number 08147829022
I.e #08147829022, then call.

That's all, its pretty simple, just place ash in front of the number before forwarding.


Hope you loved the Article, why wouldn't you give a trail and see for yourself the receiver being charged of the call Session.

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