Best Friends in the world {Full Episodes}

Best Friends in The world 

One of the most trending 2020  Nigerian webseries "Best friends in the world" Started their first Episode shoot on 14th July 2018 with 5.5+ million views.

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The webseries Best Friends In The World resumed First Term of their Episode about a new Student 'Maria' who came in as a New Star in place of Olive the Golden medalist.

Olive had a Clue ; Adam, Esther, Grace and which later on Maria joined. The Emotional part of the series came from Olive at first, Crushing on David, later on Adam replaced which she didn't accept but rather gave the chance to Romeo.

Above is a brief description of the series Best Friends In The World. Keep scrolling below for the Episodes, remember! You can order if you want to " Download Best Friends In The World Episodes mp4"

Major Casts

- Olive
- Maria
- Adam
- Esther
- Grace
- Romeo
- Archie

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Best Friends in the World Episode 1   First Term 

This Episode is denoted as "The New Girl" 

When a preppy,popular Student fells threatened by the arrival of New girl, she takes counter measures but at what cost?      Join Us on Facebook

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Best Friends in the World Episode 2  First Term

In this Episode, Is where the theme title of this series is derived as " Best Friends in the World"

Back From her week-long suspension, olive and her friends are caught up in New trouble when a transfer student sets out to defame her.     Click here to Follow us On Facebook group

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Best Friends in The World Episode 3   First Term #BFW

This Episode is donated as "Stinky Situation"

When the school undergoes routine sanitation, a common misconception sparks a discussion on gender role.    Click here to Join us on Facebook

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Best Friends in the World Episode 4   First Term

This Episode is donated as " The Crush"

While Olive deal with her growing feelings for her handsome seatmate, Grace becomes increasingly curious about the New English teacher, leading both to take Unexpected action. 
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Best Friends in The wold Episode 5 First Term

The Mysterious Truth. 

After the unexpected visit, olive, Esther and Adam team up with ex-Archenemy, Grace to uncover the Mysterious Mr.Jack's Secrets.  join vintexblog on Telegram Group

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Best Friends  in the world Episode 6 1ST Term

The Season Finale

Esther's Insecurities surface with the uncomping School dance, but party-happy olive is oblivious. Meanwhile, Adam and Mr.Ben see the chance they've been waiting. Will they Succeed.?    Click Here to join Us on Telegram

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Best Friends in the world Episode 7 2nd Term. 

Intruders Recognition 

Old Favorites return and New Faces arrive for the Second Term. Episode 7 introduce New adventures for your Best Friend's in The World #BFW.    Open Telegram Group now.

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Best friends in the world Episode 8 2nd Term 

The interception 

- Olive and Esther find themselves with opposing opinions when Grace's background is published in the students Newspaper. 
- Adam Contemplates his Father's Sudden involvement in his life. 
- Mr. Ben and Felix work towards Felix's lounge opening event, Where Felix aims to finally meet Ben's Rose
- A chance encounter unveils an Unexpected villain. 

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Best Friends in the World Episode 9 2nd Term

Signs Of Love 

Adam meets with the Representative from Blackstone University. Mr.Ben learns that Nurse Rose is leaving School, resulting in a drastic reaction. Uduak takes a Unique approach in "Dealing"with Olive.

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Best friends in the world Episode 10 2nd Term

Love is in the Air... Or is it ?

Adam has to reveal his feelings for olive while she gave him no response. Adam's Feelings for olive brought little misunderstandings within "The Best Friends". While the adapting Maria kept seeking for path way to join them

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Best Friends in the World Episode 11 2nd Term

Things fall apart

At First Olive and her Friends had to terminate Uduak spying towards them. Adam became more devastated when his dad had to pressurize him about Falling for Olive and to put distant from

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Best Friends in the World Episode 12 2nd Term (Season Finale)

Where is Maria?

Maria had to drift out For few weeks from school due to excess pressure from Olive, Adam, Esther and Grace with her, and Not succeeding becoming part of them. Olive and her Friends had to make up their mind and approach Maria for apologies. At the mean time Adam started having thoughts of Becoming A man on his own. 

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Best Friends in the world Episode 13 3rd Term

The Dialogue leading to Riot

The Students prepared for the inter-claas debate, but another topic takes the spotlight. While Adam was Busy displaying his strong feelings for Olive by always Standing for her. The Female Science Students were trying to get Adam away From Olive, and Nurse Rose breaking up with Mr.Ben.

Best Friends in the World Episode 14 3rd Term

The Debate

The inter-class debate is here, but who will have the last laugh.?.... Grace was then deceived by the Science Students. But at last the Science Student lost Everything.  

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Best Friends in the world (BFW) Episode 15 3rd Term 

Codifying Misunderstandings

A Celebrity announces a Context with an attractive Prize and everyone has a Reason to Enter. Will the competition cause Friction among Friends.?    join us on telegram chat

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Best Friends in the world (BFW) Episode 16 3rd Term

Clash Feelings 

Olive mom had her Birthday, none of them won the prize from the Celebrity, But rather had a great misunderstanding. Sparkling cute Science Student "Romeo" started showing up towards olive, on the other hand Maria Towards Adam. While Grace was Still Struggling with her misunderstanding towards David.  

Best Friends in the world (BFW) Episode 17 3rd Term

Emotional Divulge 

Watch out, for Olive crushing on Romeo after all the previous incidents and saving her Severally. Adam takes time away from the Girls, olive and Romeo have their first fight.... But it could all be distracting them from a new evil spreading through the School.     


Best Friends in the world (BFW) Episode 18 3rd Term

Unbelievable Changes

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Best Friends in The world Episode 18 is pretty an interesting one,New Nigerian Music Stars Picazo and Lyta showed up in the school.As in the process,Adam observed the linking of Olive and Romeo but Olive had to drag Adam's attention that they are just Friends.The sad part of this Best Friends in the world Episode 18 was that Grace left David.

Best Friends in the world (BFW) Episode 19 3rd Term

Reality Reveals 

After Esther's misunderstanding with Archie, later helped her find out how truly Archie likes her. It was Touching that Grace left the School for an Unknown reasons leaving David unrest. 

Thanks for Romeo and Adam that helped pull down some rough gang. The Romantic part of this Episode 19 was that olive revealed her feelings for Adam saying "I like you, AHW!.. No.. I mean you're the only one I like".let's watch out for the next Episode 20

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Best Friends in the world Episode 20 3rd Term


As Uduak kept ob bugging a girl in the school who got pregnant. Adam and olive had to finalize their  feelings if true or not . Mean while Esther and Archie kept building their love stronger. Join our active facebook group click here.

Best Friends In the World Episode 21 3rd Term.  


Romeo at last gave up on Olive,while Olive's distraction was on Adam. A music party was cast out on Best Friends in the World Episode 21,which Ope x Ola x Olive with David's brand. You would love this Music Click here to Download Music.

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Best Friends in the world Episode 223rd Term

Outstanding moments

Iris couldn’t  hold on seeing olive and romeo  .David   got more popular in school after his track along side with ope and ola. Do you know? Olive's mom approves the relationship between olive and adam official. In Best Friends in the world Episode 22 3rd Term Esther as cut  doing malpractice during their exam.  

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Best Friends in the world Episode 23 3rd Term

Sweet Sixteen

Oops, Esther got cut malpractice  which got Archie upset with her. But they got cool later on…… Iris got changed in her bad behavior and became more generous and kindhearted . In best friends in the world Episode 23 3rd Term came Olive's Sixteenth Birthday…

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Best Friends in the world Episode 24 (Season finale)

Joyful Ending 

Do you know that David actually got a new crush..🤫 Exciting,she is much prettier to compare with Grace ... Download and watch more on what happened..

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