What is Glo customer Care Number?

Glo Customer care services 

The often question asked by Glo users is " What is Glo customer Care number ?". Firstly why do you need to contact them.hope it is on serious issues not on mere query.!

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GLO is the first existed Mobile network provider in Nigeria. And being the second latest Globacom network providers in Nigeria. 

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Glo made it fantastic to their users for inquiry dissolutions via the existence of contact codes and special services. 

Code contact 

Glo Customer Care Code also includes various specialized Call Centres for BlackBerry, Glo Business, Postpaid and Prepaid as well as other segment customers. Glo Call Centre can provide swift and professional customer care service and can deal with any requests, complaints and enquiries.

171 – It`s “Glo Hurry Help Line”. This is the best way to contact glo, You should call this number if you do not wish to wait for a long queue of 121. This offer from glo coat twenty Naira. You can speak with a professional as long as you wish. You will not spend any more cent. You will only be charged twenty Naira per call.🔔

444 – internet guru looking for glo help line! Here you come. This service is free of charge, but you should remember that you can call to this service only with internet related quarries.🔔

500 – This line is called a free self-care service. This Glo Customer Care Line will give you the information about the latest promotional offers, migrating codes, services and tariffs. Still, you can`t speak with a professional directly through this line, but calling here is free of charge🔔

Now, What is Glo Customer Care Number?

Telephone contact 

You can call to Glo Customer care with the numbers +229-98-121-121 or +229-98-030-151.


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Glo also pop services on their Facebook page. 
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Tweeters you can also visit and follow glo on their tweet account. 

They also pop updates on their tweeter. Click on either of the below tweeter account to follow now and lay your complaint. 

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