Glo Special Data offer Retaliate

Awufu Special Data offer of Glo Here again

Within the recent months Glo Special Data offer has been great, which is recommended cheaper than others gifted by Glo to her users. 

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The offer got stinted for while. 

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It has been #200 for 1.2gb valid for 3days. 

Now Glo has recur their offer but now on a twist System.. They decrease the offer value and validity. 

Presently #300 for 1gb valid for 1day <24hrs>

Sale of preference πŸ”₯

*. Glo data cap: 1GB
*. Price: N300
*. Validity of plan: 1day
*. SIM Eligibility: All SIM
*. Devices: All devices

How to activate the Glo special data plan.

Make sure you have at least N300 on your Glo SIM.

Dial *777# then select 1 to buy data, then select 1 again for 3G/4G data bundle.

Select 5 for the special data offer followed by 1 for the daily offer.

Now select 1 again to activate the N300 for 1GB data plan.

You will be charged N300 and receive 1GB data which is valid for 1 day.


you can use simple sscode 

Dial *127*35# to activate directly.

To check bal🌞

You can dial *127*0# to check your data balance.


This Glo Special offer values for only 24hrs, but users still have much advantage over it {#300--1gb}

Just follow the procedures 

1. Insert your and switch on your phone
2. Recharge your SIM with N300.
3. Dial *777#
4. Select 1
5. Select 1 again
6. Select 5
*. Which is for special data offer
7. Then enter 2
*. Which is for Glo Special Data

Then you enjoy your bundle. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

If you have any issues πŸ€”πŸ€”

Drop so we can get ASAP your inquiry solved. 

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