What is domain?, what is host?

What is Domain. ? What is host?

Do you know what is domain and what is hosting..??.. 

This two terms are very vital to know if you are an internet Guru, freelancer,blogger,business web typeco... 

In this article you will understand the two terms and know.. "What is domain. What is host"

 What is host??

This question is often asked because many don't know the difference between a host and a domain... 

Hosting :also know as website hosting or web hosting is said to be like a business housing, serving and maintaining files for one or more website.. It is a set of log where your website files are stored, assigns and address (DNS). Which links to your domain so that anyone can find your website at anytime.. 

What is domain?

This is another term related to hosting.. But quite different from hosting..most of the website hosters also give this along with host in one package. 

Domain : is a collection of hosting DNS. It is that last part of your URL after the fullstop. Some examples of domain.;
.ml.... Etc

In sub like

Domain :. Com.ng. 

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Thank you..!!

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